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"I am impressed with the quality of your designs. Your works are of exceptional quality. I look forward to more quality working relationship."                                 -Mr Chester Okundaye



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Jireh World Multi-Links Ltd came into being after careful observation of the quality of Information Technology services offered to clients by the whole lots of internet solution provision firms in Nigeria.

We are out to annihilate prices and entrench quality services.  We are driven by our passion for almost free but qualitative IT training. We partner with organisations (Churches, schools, companies and the like) to give their members quality cheap services

We design website to suite client's need, regardless of the size of the business.  And for the quality of the service we offer you, we have made it affordable.

We Offer quality IT advice be it software, computer, networking (internet presence) VSat Installation and Sales,  website design, website content analysis e.t.c

whatever it is that brought you to the internet, we are ready to satisfy it with expertise.





What A Website Will Do To Your Business.

Have you started considering a website for your business. These are some reasons why you need a website

A Website gives your firm    credence in today's business world

A website cuts the cost of having to print newsletters every week or monthly.  

Most people now conduct business on the internet

Your business is open to thousands of customers 24hours a day and 7 days a month.

It is not as expensive as you think.

You and your staff can now have your e-mail @ your company eg  joy@jwmlng.com

Send company update to thousands of client. Cut the cost of phone calls

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